ACTION Seaport is an integrated and novel solution to promote intelligent monitoring and enhancement of environmental, safety and operation performance for port and shipping activities, taking advantage of the combination of state-of-the-art model-based decision support systems and data management technologies developed by ACTION Modulers and acquired by Bentley Systems Incorporated.

ACTION Seaport can be used to support and enhance the following daily port activities:

Operation Support

Navigation, pilotage and (un)loading support through the visualization of accurate high resolution forecasts of marine weather conditions, including surface currents, wave and wind data. Data is made available through dynamic maps, charts and tables.

Vessel Tracking

Including all relevant information about vessel general characteristics (e.g. length, width, MMSI, photo), voyage (e.g. origin, destination, ETA) and real time data (e.g. position, heading, state - anchored, moored, underway). Storage of all historic information.

Environmental Monitoring

Data management and visualization of data from real time data acquisition systems, including weather stations, hydrographic buoys and video surveillance cameras. Storage of all historic data for future usage (e.g. port construction works).

Emergency Response

Support to marine pollution tactical response through advanced and reliable on-demand oil, chemical (HNS) and inert spill forecasting, as well as simulation of the drift of floating containers and search and rescue operations.

Port Performance Indicators

Continuous evolution of operational port performance indicators, including time, volume and movement elements from vessels (e.g. average ship turn-round times), using an advanced, AIS based, algorithm.

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Bentley services include all required tasks for the installation and configuration of ACTION Seaport, namely:

  • Configuration and implementation of high resolution numerical models for hydrodynamics, wave and weather forecasts
  • Gathering and processing of data from data real time data acquisition systems
  • Configuration and implementation of modelling tools for emergency response
  • Integration of data from different AIS providers
  • Configuration of the KPI algorithm
  • Installation of mobile friendly web interface
  • Configuration of dashboards for the control room(s)

ACTION Seaport can be installed on premise or hosted at Bentleys' cloud services.